Honda 250cc ATV v/s Polaris 250cc ATV: A Fist Fight of ATVs

The 250cc class of ATVs are sporty but less racy. This trait of the 250cc ATVs makes the younger generation and less experienced riders fond of these sporty machines. These four wheelers can be called as friendly to children of 16-year of age or older. The two prominent ATV makers Honda and Polaris cater to these young riders with their ATVs – TRX 250EX and Trail Blazer 250 respectively. Let’s take a look at the two ATVs to determine which one is the most suitable one for young riders. We, hereby, compare 2005 models of Honda TRX 250EX and Polaris Trail Blazer 250.

Polaris Trail Blazer

Model Type: The two models Honda TRX 250EX and Polaris Trail Blazer 250 are sports ATVs in type. There is not much difference in their price too. Honda’s TRX 250EX is worth $3,649, while the Polaris Trail Blazer 250 comes for $3,599. The difference of $50 in their prices is more than enough to say how competitively they have been positioned.

Honda Atv trx 250ex

Looks: In terms of look, the two are equally sporty, bold and well built. The two ATVs have Halogen headlamps as standard. However, they differ in their dynamics with TRX 250EX offering 44.3-inch wheelbase, 349 lbs dry weight and seat height of 31.3-inch, whereas the Trail Blazer 250 has a 48-inch wheelbase, 461 lbs dry weight and seat height of 34-inch. The handle of the Honda’s ATV is well fitted for giving comfortable experience of riding, while the Polaris’ ATV has slightly lifted handle but gets well adjusted due to good seat height.


The two ATVs are not less than the other and have the equal capabilities to take on the rough terrains smoothly coming in their way.  With a 229cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, the TRX 250EX generates adequate power to haul the young and still maintain the speed control allowing the new rider to perfectly adjust with limited speed before jumping onto a more powerful ATV. The Trail Blazer 250 with a 244cc 2-stroke single cylinder engine delivers more or less similar power to that of Honda. The fuel capacity of TRX 250EX is 2.7 gallon, whereas the fuel capacity of Trail Blazer 250 is 3.5 gallon. This means the Trail Blazer will be able to run a bit more than TRX with the tank full.

Coming to the transmission, the TRX 250EX has better transmission than the Trail Blazer 250. Honda offers both, 5-speed auto transmission and 5-speed manual transmission, as option. Polaris ATV has continuously variable (CVT) transmission. The TRX 250EX transfers power to its rear wheel through drive shaft, while the Trail blazer 250 passes power to the rear wheels through drive chain.

The rear wheel drive TRX ATV has a bit compromising shocks compared to Trail Blazer.


Honda’s TRX 250 EX bears dual hydraulic disc for the front and sealed drum brakes at the rare. The Trail Blazer 250 has hydraulic disc brakes at the front as well as rear. This enables the ATV to immediately stop and makes is very responsive, while the brakes of the Honda’s ATV slows appropriately on brakes being applied. Although the Polaris’ brakes are responsive, they aren’t safe as compared to Honda brakes at the time of riding.

Thus, the two vehicles are great. However, the Honda TRX 250EX seems to be slightly ahead of the Polaris Trail Blazer 250 in overall performance, keeping in mind the target audience. Despite this Polaris Trail Blazer 250 remains a good ATV with excellent power and offering good ride quality. Alas! It’s the matter of choice. So, you may like Trail Blazer 250 and the others may choose TRX 250EX, it depends on every individuals’ choice.

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